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The 5 Definitive Kitchen Design Trends of 2021

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Creating a kitchen that is functional, attractive and durable is no simple task. It takes design-savvy, creativity, and world-class suppliers to bring it all together and realise your vision. In this article, we’re taking a look at the leading trends guiding kitchen design in 2021, including deep colours, black kitchen cabinet handles, open shelving, and satin brass door handles.


#1 – Adding Depth With Colour


White kitchens will always be a classic, but it’s good to put your twist on the design to make it truly yours. Dark, bold colours like deep greys, navy blues, forest greens, and velvet black add character and depth to your kitchen, even if it’s a smaller space. We recommend using it on your low-level cabinets, kitchen islands, countertops, or on the walls above a light backsplash to create visual interest and spaciousness without letting it overwhelm the area. 


#2 – Crafted Cabinet Hardware


Cabinet hardware often gets overlooked in the design process, but high-quality, expertly crafted handles, hinges and drawer pulls make a world of difference to how your kitchen looks, functions and lasts. Current trends focus onmatt black kitchen cabinet handles in simple, modern designs and satin brass door handles that deliver a soft, luxe gleam to your kitchen.


#3 – Smart Tech


Smart technology is a huge home design trend, and the kitchen isn’t being left out! As the hub of the home, smart kitchen tech and gadgets are surging in popularity, so don’t forget about them when you’re designing your space. Items like motion-sensor faucets that turn on automatically when they sense your hands, smart fridges that let you know what groceries you’re running low on and can place an order to the nearest store, and smart coffee makers that make sure your coffee is ready when you wake up are just a few options out there.


#4 – Open Shelving


Open shelves were traditionally seen in farmhouse kitchens, but there are options for every aesthetic these days. They add character and personal style to more minimalist spaces, allowing you to showcase treasured items, cookery books or even grow your herbs. It’s a great way to prevent cluttering up your kitchen too, forcing you to keep just your necessities in this space. Floating shelves look beautiful in a modern kitchen and can be painted, made of metal or built into the structure of the house, while rustic live-edge shelving with wrought iron brackets adds character to farmhouse kitchens.


#5 – Retro and Vintage Touches


We’re also seeing a surge in retro and vintage elements being brought into the kitchen, from 1960’s-inspired appliances to glamorous wallpaper, and items of art and upcycled memorabilia. This is a very personal touch, so it’s more about bringing in your passions and creativity than jumping on a trend, as it makes your kitchen very individual in taste. Think about what you love and how to make your kitchen yours, whether it’s through vintage hanging lights, Turkish rugs, Moroccan tiles, or anything else!


Your Kitchen Deserves the Best Hardware – Upgrade to Black Kitchen Cabinet Handles & Satin Brass Door Handles


When designing your kitchen, don’t forget to consider your hardware. High-quality hinges, door handles and pull handles add character, style and lasting functionality to your space, so don’t settle for less.Speak to our team about our crafted black kitchen cabinet handles,satin brass door handles and other kitchen hardware options that add the perfect finishing touch to your space.



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