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Australian-owned, operated, and stocked for fast shipping!

Knurled & Textured Hardware - A Timeless Style

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In recent years Australia has seen a rising trend in textured hardware for both doors and cabinets. The days of plain and boring door handles and knobs are behind us as people are now looking for options that not only add to the aesthetics of their buildings but also provide tactile functionality. This trend has taken the country by storm, and it is no surprise as textured door hardware offers a wide range of benefits.

The most obvious one being its aesthetic appeal. Knurled and textured finishes can add a new and exciting dimension to the design of a building. They make hardware stand out and provide a unique and contemporary feel. The texture also adds depth, contrast, and character to the space. The rougher textures of knurled options in door hardware provide a more natural aesthetic by mimicking the tactile feel of the natural materials used in the surrounding areas.

Another advantage of textured door hardware is its functionality. The texture provides a better grip and makes turning a knob or handle easier to grip, especially for people with mobility or dexterity issues. Most designs of both door handles and cabinet handles are easily retrofitted in place of existing hardware, making them an easy upgrade to the home.

As manufacturers of high-end door hardware, we highly recommend using solid brass for textured finishes, as it has a better durability and life span than alternative metals. The coatings on other metals tend to fade and deteriorate quickly, and this will compromise the aesthetic qualities of the texture. Solid brass, on the other hand, is known for its longevity and rust-resistance, making it ideal for an exterior environment. Different coating applications such as lacquer and electroplating will bind to brass far better than aluminium/zinc alloy.

Textured door hardware is a trend that will last for years to come, and the popularity is only just gaining traction. The textured and knurled options have entered the architectural and interior design worlds in so many ways, and are now a lot more accessible in the market. The trend towards these finishes has proven to be more than just a ‘phase’ but a long-lasting design feature that continues to intrigue homeowners, interior designers, and architects alike.


The popularity of textured door hardware in Australia is no surprise. As Kelly Wearstler, a popular interior designer has said "I love using knurled handles in my designs because they bring an element of texture and weight to a space, making each piece feel like a sculptural work of art."

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