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When it comes to creating a truly distinctive and luxurious look for your cabinetry, the choice of hardware matters. Meet "Charmian," the embodiment of sophistication and tactile delight, designed to transform your cabinets into stunning works of art. With its coveted knurled design, Charmian is not just a functional accessory but an elegant statement that adds a refined touch to your living spaces.

At the heart of Charmian's allure lies its exquisite knurled texture. The knurling, a meticulously crafted diamond pattern of ridges and grooves, adds a captivating tactile dimension to these cabinet pulls. Every time your fingers graze the surface, you'll experience a satisfying sensation of quality and precision. Charmian is more than just a handle; it's an experience that enhances your daily interactions with your cabinetry.

We understand that every space has its unique character, and personal style is of paramount importance. To cater to your individual taste, Charmian is available in a diverse range of five stunning finishes:

Brushed Brass: The Brushed Brass finish exudes timeless elegance with its warm, golden hue, adding a touch of luxury to any setting.

Brushed Nickel: For a sleek, contemporary look, the Brushed Nickel finish offers a subtle, refined sheen that complements modern décor.

Matt Black: Make a bold statement with the Matt Black finish, a choice that adds a touch of drama and contrast to your cabinets.

White: Create a fresh and inviting atmosphere with the clean and crisp White finish, perfect for brightening up any space.

Aged Brass: The Aged Brass finish evokes a sense of history and character, adding a touch of vintage charm to your cabinetry.

Charmian offers unparalleled versatility with four distinct sizes to choose from, ensuring a perfect fit for any project, whether it's a small cabinet drawer or a grand wardrobe door.

The more dainty sized units are perfect for bedside tables or small cupboards. Our Largest size - 500mm - perfect for integrated appliances and tall cupboards. Our middle sizes will cover everything else in-between!

The Charmian is more than just cabinet hardware; it's a symbol of unmistakable elegance. Its knurled design and the array of finishes and sizes allow you to curate a look that perfectly matches your vision for your living spaces. Whether you're embarking on a new cabinetry project or simply giving your existing cabinets a facelift, the distinctive style of Charmian will not go unnoticed.

The Charmian's allure goes beyond aesthetics; it is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship. Each pull is crafted with precision and care, ensuring that every detail is meticulously executed. Made from solid brass, these cabinet pulls are not only visually stunning but also built to stand the test of time, offering a level of durability and quality that is second to none.

To ensure every aspect of your perfect design is covered, we've included other knurled designs in our range to compliment this mega-star of a cabinet handle:

Helena - A single fixing knurled knob for the perfect 'touch' of class
Miranda - Our knurled T-handle that gives a little more purchase for your fingers while making a statement
Rosedale - The flagship handle design from Manovella, with the same stunning finish and solid brass construction for your doors.

The Charmian is more than just cabinet hardware; it's an investment in timeless luxury and sophistication. Its knurled texture, available in an array of exquisite finishes and sizes, allows you to create a personalized and strikingly beautiful space that reflects your unique style.

Elevate your cabinetry to a new level of refinement with Charmian, where every touch becomes an experience and every glance an appreciation of elegance. These solid brass cabinet pulls are more than just handles; they are the embodiment of quality, precision, and sophistication, adding an enduring touch of luxury to your living spaces.

Choose Charmian and embark on a journey of style and sophistication that transcends trends and fads, where your cabinetry becomes a masterpiece and your living spaces a testament to your impeccable taste. Discover the allure of Charmian and let your cabinets shine with a touch of timeless beauty and luxury.