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Matt Black – It’s What All the Best-Dressed Cupboard Doors are Wearing!

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Door handles are often overlooked, but the reality is that household hardware is a key element in achieving your overall interior design vision. One of the biggest trends today is for matt black cupboard door handles. Just like the iconic little black dress, this hardware is classy, elegant, and fit for any occasion!

Why we love matt black cupboard door handles

It’s easy to fall in love at first sight when you see matt black cupboard door handles in action – here’s why:

  • Timeless elegance – There really is no colour more classic than black, and while it’s not often used in interior design, it adds real depth and drama to a space. Lately, designers have been creating indulgently elegant black kitchens, but one good way of introducing this colour more subtly is by using black door handles.
  • Design flexibility and versatility – Black really does go with everything! It fits in beautifully with any interior design trend, from rustic farmhouse interiors and industrial chic designs to sleek, minimalism. It helps to create a strong design foundation, links back to the solid, earthy metals of the past, and creates a touch of modern boldness that draws the eye in any space, from bathrooms and kitchens to living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Discreet yet bold – Matt black is a wonderfully contradictory look. It’s bold but not being flashy or glitzy, it fits as well in a glamorous space as a rustic one, and it creates depth and sophistication without dominating the space. This makes it a great choice for designers and homeowners that want to make a statement without having their look fall off-trend and look dated down the line.

While your design efforts may be concentrated in selecting big-ticket items like flooring, paint colours, and furnishings, every interior designer knows that it’s those last finishing touches that bring a space together. Matt black cupboard door handles are one of these! Although they are a simple, elegant, and small touch, they instantly update and elevate your space, making them a joy to behold and use every day.

Where to find matt black cupboard door handles in Australia

For black to shine in your interior design, it needs to be well-designed and manufactured – and that’s where Manovella Designs stands out. Our matt black cupboard door handles are made from pure brass, designed to be simple and sophisticated, and manufactured to the highest quality. Your home is your space to live and thrive, and we’re here to put the best quality items under your fingertips, making every day luxurious. Chat to our team today to find out more about our matt black cupboard door handles.

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