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The Benefits of Bespoke Sliding Barn Doors

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Sliding barn doors have been a huge trend in recent years, and it’s clear that they have become an attractive and practical staple in modern interior design. Here’s some insight into the benefits of this interior door style – and how to take your design to the next level with matt black sliding door handles.

Why everyone loves sliding barn doors

Research by Zillow revealed that sliding barn doors are a high-value feature for today’s homes, helping to sell homes 57 days faster for an average of 13% over the expected selling price. So, what is it about these doors that we can’t get enough of?

  • More usable space – Swinging doors need an arc of space in which to move while sliding barn doors use a very narrow space against the wall. This means that in smaller apartments and rooms, they use up very little space and allow you to use more of your room more effectively. This makes them ideal for apartments, en-suite bathrooms, and even doors under stairways, as you can place furniture or structural elements in front of them without affecting the use of the door. They’re great for larger spaces too, making them feel even more open and free flowing than before, ensuring full movement through the space and easier placement of furnishings and art.
  • Easy to install – Hanging a traditional door is a surprisingly difficult project that’s best left to the professionals. Unless you are building your home from scratch, it often means taking out the entire door frame and reshaping the door to fit the quirks of your home’s walls and flooring. Barn doors, however, are exceptionally easy to install because they sit against the surface of the wall rather than within a frame inside the wall. This means that installation is much faster and easier – all you have to do is select your door, make sure the sliding mechanism is at the correct level and height, and you’re done.


  • Versatile design – These doors become a beautiful and eye-catching feature of your interior design rather than just being a functional element of the space. You can have them custom made to fit any interior, from a rustic farmhouse look to a sleek minimalist design, enhancing your space in every way. You can also have them as large or small as you like, with many designers exploring large double doors that can close off a private space or open several spaces up into a single, large one, making your home’s space flexible as well as functional.

Choosing the perfect sliding door handles

In addition to the door itself, it’s important to choose the right mechanism and handles to create your bespoke sliding door. We love the trend of sleek and stylish matt black sliding door handles.Dramatic yet elegant and made of solid stainless steel, these handles offer exceptional quality and versatility while adding the perfect finishing touch to your interior design. They’re classic and trendy, fitting seamlessly with both rustic and modern designs, enhancing the value and beauty of your space.

To find out more about high-quality matt black sliding door handles, contact the team at Manovella Design today. We’ll help you bring your vision to life.

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