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How to Properly Maintain Your Door Handles

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Door handles often get a raw deal when it comes to household maintenance. This sometimes happens because people don't know how important their door handles are or because they don't know how to maintain them properly.

Even though they are small, door handles need just as much care as any other piece of hardware in your home. Rusty, broken, and untidy door handles can ruin the appeal of your house in no time at all.

Here is how you can properly care for and maintain your door handles so that they continue to appear and function as "new" for as long as possible.

Brass Door Handles

Solid brass door handles and brass-plated handles need to be handled differently to keep them in good shape. A powerful magnet will enable you to identify your door handle since it will only be drawn to plated metal.

There are some DIY methods you can do at home to clean solid brass or copper door handles. One is to make a paste out of equal parts of salt, vinegar, and flour. Put the paste on your door handle, wait a few minutes, and then buff it off.

For the next method, you need lemon and salt. Slice a lemon in half, then sprinkle salt all over the pulp of one half. After that, wipe the lemon on the door handle to remove any dirt or tarnish. The lemon's acidity will kill bacteria and leave a clean, pleasant smell.


Stainless Steel Door Handles

The most effective method for cleaning stainless steel door hardware is mild soap and water. To avoid damaging stainless steel, do not use store-bought cleaners that include chloride or chlorine bleach. Steel wool and other abrasives, on the other hand, will also damage your stainless steel, ruining the aesthetic of your handles.

Combine equal parts of olive oil and vinegar to remove filth and grime that has crusted on and make a solution. This will loosen anything stuck on your knobs. Some people have found that using WD-40 or club soda also works well.


Chrome Door Handles

Chrome finishes, which are meant to be glossy and silver, are simple to clean. There is a quick and easy way to clean door handles that are made of chrome that won't take much time.

Put some dish soap and water in the bowl, and mix them together. In warm, soapy water, dampen the soft cloth, and then rub it over the door handle in a side-to-side and top-to-bottom motion. Remove any moisture from the handle by wiping it with a clean, dry towel. To keep the shine on your handle, use another cloth to apply a thin layer of wax or polish.


Things to Know Before Cleaning Your Door Handles

In terms of upkeep, both internal door handles and external door handles must be handled differently. Your internal handles will be simpler to maintain since they are protected from harsh weather conditions, but your exterior handles are continually exposed and are more prone to picking up dirt, stains, and any other markings more easily than your internal handles.

Before cleaning, make sure you remove any dust and dirt from the door handles. If you are handling chemicals, be sure to wear gloves. To prevent streaks or watermarks, dry your door handles from top to bottom after cleaning them side to side and top to bottom.



That's all there is to it! Following these guidelines will make sure all your door handles, including internal door handles, external door handles, cabinet handles, and kitchen handles, will keep on looking great for years to come!

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