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How to Fix Door Handles That Don't Spring Back

  • 3 min read

Are you having trouble fixing drooping door handles by yourself? Worry no more. Door handles that have sagged are a common issue that can often be fixed with little effort. If the door handles on your internal doors or external doors are drooping, read this door handles troubleshooting guide to learn the potential reasons for this problem as well as some possible solutions.


Troubleshooting Drooping Door Handles


If the handle on your door does not spring back into place properly, the problem may be caused by the following. Put each of the solutions to the test, and discover which one works for you.


Dirt or debris on mechanisms

It is important to inspect the spring return mechanism for dirt and debris since these things might cause problems. Check to see if there are any wood shavings stuck in the mechanism of the lock or the latch. To fix the problem, simply check and clean the spring inside the handle and the spring mechanism inside the tubular latch.


Overtight door handles

If the door handle has been tightly attached to the surface of the door, this may cause the spring to get entangled, which may result in the door handles sagging. When you overtighten a door handle, it might cause the lever bearing to stick against the door face or the door to squeeze the latch mechanism within the mortice, preventing it from functioning properly. To fix this issue, just release the screws just a little bit, and you will see that the handle will realign itself to the horizontal position.


Corrosion of the door handle mechanism

It is possible for door handles to become difficult to move due to corrosion of the mechanism, which is most likely to occur on an external door handle or maybe a bathroom door handle. To fix this, remove the handle and work some spray lubricant into the mechanism to see if it helps loosen it up. In order to prevent any such issues in the future, after the mechanism has been removed, all of the parts should be cleaned and greased before it is reinstalled. When installing external door handles or handles that will be subjected to high levels of moisture, it is always good to grease the mechanism on the handle.


Worn spring in door handles

Drooping can also be caused by door handle springs that have become worn or are otherwise defective. If a new door handle has a defect, the retailer will normally replace the handle for you. But if the door handle is older, you can replace the spring. Handle springs are available for purchase at almost every hardware store. But there are many varieties, so you'll want to make sure you get the right one for your door handle.


Closing Thoughts

If you've been experiencing problems with a door handle that's sagging, we hope this article was helpful. If, after trying to fix the problem, you decide that you want to replace your door handles, take a look at our signature satin brass door handles and our matt black door handles. You will receive door handles of the highest possible quality from Manovella, as well as assistance with everything from selecting the hardware that is suitable for your needs to having it installed and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

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