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Add Warmth to Your Design with Statement Satin Brass Interior Door Handles

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Elegant interior door handles make the perfect finishing touch to every room. Functional and well-crafted, these interior design elements can become a key statement feature in a wide range of interior designs and architectural homes, which is why we love these satin brass interior door handles.


A Classic Interior Design Comeback


Recently, satin brass has been making a strong and exciting comeback in the interior design industry. Although elegant silvery and chrome tones have dominated for many years, the return of cosier home interiors enhanced with retro, rustic, and nostalgic character has created the perfect space for their return. 


Classy yet bold, artistic yet subtle, and with a warm and welcoming glow, these brushed metal door handles add an aristocratic yet modern look to your home. They are also very well-made and durable, manufactured from high-quality solid zinc alloy. As a non-ferrous alloy (no iron content), they will not rust, making them ideal for coastal homes.


 satin brace interior door handles

Satin, Antique or Bright Brass?


When choosing warm-toned interior door handles, you have three main options to choose from. Antique brass is muted and characterised by deliberate wear, while bright brass is a reflective and glossy gold. Satin brass falls somewhere in the middle, giving you the best of both worlds. 


With its brushed finish, the gold colour is softened and worn to a gentle tone, without becoming dull. This makes it ideally suited to the widest range of homes and interior design styles, making it a much more versatile and timeless feature for your space.

What Homes Look Best with Satin Brass Interior Door Handles?


These door handles can suit any home, from heritage homes and farmhouses with rustic character to modern homes filled with glass and light. The key is in the style of the handle itself, with sleek minimalist designs suiting contemporary homes while retro, art deco, and antique designs add a touch of times gone by. 


If you love the warmth and character of satin brass interior door handles, chat to the team at Manovella. Our range of interior satin brass door handles include passage door handles, privacy door handles, and sliding door pulls, as well as cabinet pulls, hinges and drawer pulls. Our experienced interior design team will help you find handles that are the perfect fit for your home, from the bedroom to the kitchen and everything in between.





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