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Aged Brass Door Handles: The Architect's Choice for Tactile Luxury

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 Move over, stainless steel. There's a new star in town. Aged brass door handles are taking the world of architectural hardware by storm, and for good reason. This finish injects instant warmth, texture, and sophistication into any space, making it the perfect choice for architects and designers looking to create truly unique and captivating experiences.


Timeless, Trend-Proof Elegance:

Aged brass is trend-proof. Its rich, burnished glow adds depth and personality to contemporary, minimalist, or classic settings alike. It's the chameleon of hardware, effortlessly adapting to your vision and breathing life into any space.
Unlike the sterile coolness of stainless steel, aged brass invites touch. Its subtle texture and lustrous sheen create a tactile experience that elevates every interaction. Imagine the gentle curve of an aged brass lever handle contrasting against a stark white wall, or the way cabinet pulls become mini sculptures bathed in warm light. It’s rich aged colour highlighted by the golden edges of this beauty makes it a true marvel.

Australian homes deserve hardware that can handle the heat, both literally and figuratively. Our aged brass collection is crafted with premium materials and a meticulous electroplating process, ensuring exceptional resilience against wear and tear, year after year. This makes it the ideal choice for high-traffic areas and demanding environments.
We back all of our hardware with a 10 year mechanical guarantee, and 12 month finish warranty to ensure confidence of purchase.

Aged brass isn't just for doors. Extend its sophistication to cabinets handles, bathroom fixtures, or even furniture pulls. Imagine a kitchen where warm brass handles echo the glow of pendant lights, or a bathroom where sleek lines meet tactile elegance.
Our aged brass collection offers a complete range of hardware, allowing you to weave warmth and texture throughout your projects. Create a unified aesthetic that tells a story of refined design and meticulous attention to detail.


Ready to Elevate Your Design?

Browse our aged brass collection and discover a palette of possibilities. From sleek lever handles to sculptural cabinet pulls, each piece is an invitation to elevate the touchpoints of your spaces.


Bonus Tip: Maintain the pristine beauty of your aged brass hardware with a simple wipe using a soft, damp cloth. Harsh chemicals and abrasives are unnecessary and can damage the finish.

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