Make Your Home Look Classy with These Interior Door Hardware Finishes - Manovella Make Your Home Look Classy with These Interior Door Hardware Finishes

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Make Your Home Look Classy with These Interior Door Hardware Finishes

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Your house is your personal sanctuary, and it reflects your taste and character, which is why it is important to incorporate modern door hardware to make your home look classy and sophisticated. When it comes to upgrading your home, many people focus on painting the walls and adding flooring, but the first thing that visitors see when they walk in your door is the door hardware. Door handles and door knobs reveal a lot about your personality and style, as well as how much care you put into the design of your home.

Whether you want to replace the existing door hardware or are looking for modern door hardware for your new home, Manovella is the best place to find door hardware that matches your style. Unique interior door handles, exterior door handles, kitchen cabinet handles, and other modern door hardware can improve the appearance of your home while also increasing the value of your house and making it stand out to catch the eyes of your guests. Installing such elegant interior door hardware on a closet, cupboard, or even your bedroom door can add visual interest to your room and make it appear more elegant and expensive right where you least expect to find it.

With that in mind, let's have a look at the trending interior door hardware you can find in Manovella's catalogue.


Satin Brass Door Hardware

Satin brass door hardware is making a serious comeback these days, and there is no doubt why: it's one of the most classy and stylish finishes. These updated designs work in a wide range of traditional and modern settings without being too flashy or overdone. Satin brass door handles and door knobs are pretty sleek and smooth, with a cohesive design that blends well with both old and new properties.

Manovella offers a range of satin brass door hardware with a vast array of items to choose from, like door handles, pulls, hinges, knobs, and more. When incorporated into your interiors, satin brass door hardware makes them feel warmer and pairs well with other warm materials such as off-white stone, wood, and other earth tones and dark hues.

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Brushed Nickel Door Hardware

Brushed nickel door hardware is a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers alike. It is a durable and sturdy finish that resists scratches, tarnishing, and corrosion. With its soft, muted tones, brushed nickel hardware adds an elegant and modern touch to any door. It is versatile enough to complement both traditional and contemporary decor styles, making it a great choice for anyone looking to update their home. From door handles and knobs to hinges and locks, there is a wide range of brushed nickel door hardware options available to suit any budget and aesthetic preference. Overall, brushed nickel door hardware is a stylish and reliable choice for any home renovation project.

Matt Black Door Hardware

Matt black door hardware is another popular door hardware finish that is favoured by homeowners and interior designers alike. Matt black door handles are considered highly versatile because they can be used in contemporary, traditional, and eclectic home décor settings. Mattified finishes like matt black can make a statement in a stylish and functional manner while ensuring that the handles and knobs on your new door system blend seamlessly with the existing décor of your home.

The dark tones of matt black door hardware are extremely striking and can complement a wide array of materials and colour schemes. Whether it be a traditional home, a contemporary home, or any other style in between, your home's decor can be upgraded with beautifully designed matt black handles and knobs from Manovella.

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Manovella is a one-stop shop for all your internal and external door hardware requirements, and the brand's exclusive ranges give you access to many products that are created with craftsmanship, giving you the best quality finish along with excellent functionality.

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