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Tying Hardware To Home

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The significance of door furniture and just how versatile it can be.

Whether it be a small 1 room ‘fixer upper’ or an entirely new architectural build, there are so many factors that combine together to create the final project. It’s not all about putting your biggest & boldest ideas together, but finding the right combination of ideas, materials & designs in conjunction with the best use of light and space available - every little piece counts! This is why even after all the heavy lifting is done, the final coat of paint has dried, the selection of door hardware and its finishes is still SO imperative.

In many cases it can certainly pay to hire professionals to assist with this process, but for the vast majority this isn’t always an option. Using some helpful insight below from professionals in the industry, you can make your selections with confidence and compliment your project the way it deserves!

“…Diversity of selection, finishes, materials and design, really help me to create ‘jewellery”
– Joan Ravasy from @joanravasydesign


Joan Ravasy is an interior designer in New York City and has been in the industry for over 25 years. In an interview with @baldwinhardware she discusses how she views door hardware in regards to her designs, and how it essentially plays the role of jewellery throughout the home. This is a great metaphor for door furniture as when picking jewellery for ones self, material, finish and design are always at the forefront of the mind. Think of it this way: you spend time eating healthy and going to the gym feel your best, you get your hair done/have a shave, don your best new look with that dress/suit you’ve been dying to wear, couple sprays of perfume/aftershave and it comes down to that last piece of the puzzle - jewellery. The wrong combination can throw off the whole look, drawing the eye to something out of place can easily put your efforts to waste.

Choosing door hardware is the exact same situation, except it’s not for one night, it’s for the life of the build which is why it is so important.

“Satin brass is flexible and can be used in a traditional or modern home. The important factor is not necessarily the finish, but also the shape and style of the piece itself.”
- Shaleesa Mize

Tying into our above point, the beauty of satin brass is that it can be utilised in a range of different styles and designs. In a blog for, Shaleesa Mize demonstrated the diversity of the finish Satin Brass, and outlines just how versatile a finish it can be. Shaleesa is the principal interior designer and mind behind Pacific Design Co., a Washington based design company with a holistic and eco-friendly approach. On one of these projects Shaleesa notes the use of matt black tapware, sharing its bold lines with the outline of a mirror, but changes pace with some smooth satin brass cabinet pulls in an effort to not have the hardware disappear (photo shown below).


This is a perfect example of how satin brass & matt black work together to create a balanced design. Using matt black and satin brass throughout a home can really work to your advantage, utilising the finishes’ ability to both blend in, and stand out where necessary.
Pictured below is another example from Melbourne Based interior designer Jessica Viscade. Jessica has pieced together a material scheme for a client to suit a Mid-century modern inspired renovation, displaying the versatility of satin brass and matt black in the home.


Now with the importance of the finishing touches and your choices in door furniture in the forefront of you mind, don’t forget to spend a little time making the choices that will change the look, feel and design of your build or renovation.

If you’re considering satin brass or matt black throughout your home, be sure to have a look at the range of hardware we have to offer. You can view our products HERE.


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