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What door handles go with Oak doors and cabinets?

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If you are struggling to find the best door handles that elevate the look of your conventional oak doors and cabinets, then this blog is for you. In a home that is primarily designed out of golden oak, many people find it to be difficult to bring things up to date in a way that is fashionable and does not cost an insane amount of money. Oak doors and cabinets are a classic occurrence in many homes. Oak doors have an aesthetic appeal, and they are strong, durable and versatile. They can even add a polished sophistication to any space, which is why they are present in many homes.


However, when matched with their original hardware, which ranges from solid white plastic to a gleaming gold finish, these oak doors and cabinets can appear outdated.


Best cabinet handles for oak cabinets.

Your oak cabinets can be updated with a simple hardware upgrade. The following kitchen cabinet handles will have the best impact on oak cabinets.


Brushed Brass Cabinet Handles

These cabinet door handles are sure to complement each and every one of the cupboards in your home. Both those looking for a more traditional look and those who prefer a more contemporary atmosphere will find these cabinet handles to be an excellent choice.


Matt Black Cabinet Handles

With oak cabinets, black hardware provides a much-needed contrast that is sleek and modern. The dark colour draws attention away from what appears to be outdated cabinetry. Black door hardware is also a good choice for oak cabinets and appliances that have recently been updated.


White Cabinet Handles


White cabinet handles provide a clean finish to oak cabinets. White blends into its surrounding areas and does not draw the eye, creating an elegant and exquisite look in any setting.


Knurled Cabinet Handles


When compared to the common styles that your oak cabinets already have, upgrading to a knurled cabinet handle can add texture to the hardware, making it look and feel more substantial. This style is ideal for anyone who loves brass door handles, combining textures or finishes, or who desires a touch of industrial flair in their home!


Best interior door handles for oak doors.

Matt Black Door Handles


Oak doors can be given a striking appearance by pairing them with black door handles, which are ideal for creating a rustic or cottage atmosphere in a home or workplace.


Satin Brass Door Handles


Satin brass internal door handles will enhance any type of interior. These will give an instantly smooth and stylish finish to your oak doors.



Wrap it up!

To this day, oak doors and cabinets are a standard in homes across the country because of the numerous advantages they provide. While oak cabinets and doors can be viewed as outdated and out of style, a simple hardware change can make a massive difference in styling these timeless designs. 


Replacing the kitchen handles and interior door handles is the easiest and cheapest way to update your home without breaking the bank. We provide you with a wide range of door hardware options that work well with oak doors and cabinets. Are you ready to upgrade your interiors with Manovella?

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